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Meet Goby, the plastic-collecting fish

Goby the Fish is a positive way to engage kids in keeping our beaches clean.

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The grown-ups are wiping out the insects, I’m telling the kids

Insects are dying en masse but this is what we can all do to slow and reverse this trend.

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Climate change: kids teach the adults what to do

Thousands of school kids strike for Climate Emergency throughout the UK

People Power Travels in Sussex

Big news! I’m now officially an activist

The South East Climate Alliance (SECA) is born.

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The $62.5 billion e-waste opportunity

Electronic waste (“e-waste”) offers a multi-billion dollar business opportunity.

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10 eco-positive ways to save the world

  Faith in humanity can be the healing change we are looking for Doom, gloom, groan, climate change panic! Surely there must be another way – and there is. This is not another call for you to recycle more, stop eating meat, live in a yurt or start making your own clothes. But especially it’s […]

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Climate change: what I learned from Bill Gates

When it comes to change we all have to start somewhere. While I was studying extramurally for my degree I heard an inspiring story about a mother and daughter. The mother was wondering if, at her age, it was really worth starting a degree. “I’ll be in my mid-fifties by the time I finish it”, […]

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 I see poisoned rivers and I think of the Garden of Eden

                            I often wonder what traditional religions have to say about how we treat the Earth. It sometimes seems they miss the point about conservation and focus instead on how we should treat each other, our relationship with God, or the meaning […]

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A beautiful sustainable bathroom – no wall tiles 

Is it possible to design a bathroom you don’t have to destroy just to replace the units? A sustainably-designed bathroom, in other words? I’ve got my own bathroom issues. We moved into a five-year-old house in 2015 and it didn’t take long to realise we’d want to replace the bathrooms. I know I’m spoilt but […]


Don’t panic! Do something!

Become a prophet of do something about it. I was inspired by a YouTube video by Levi Hildebrand someone posted on my Facebook group. That’s positive environmentalism: It’s great to see young people (ie younger than I) getting out there and promoting positive solutions to the world’s problems, especially when it’s funny. My kind of thinking.  […]