Shocking eco-news can be a wake-up call

Sometimes it’s hard to see the positive in environmental news. Like this article from the BBC:

Northern white rhino: Last male Sudan dies in Kenya


Jan Stejskal, an official at Dvur Kralove Zoo in the Czech Republic, where Sudan had lived until 2009 puts it as clearly as anyone could:

“His death is a cruel symbol of human disregard for nature and it saddened everyone who knew him.” Continue reading “Shocking eco-news can be a wake-up call”

Positive Earth News – welcome to “Project Earth”

Lego to use plant-based plastics, and other eco-positive news

Even Dr. Evil wants a clean world

This blog is about positive change. Even though our environmental situation is not good we live in the perfect times for change. If anything proves this it’s the speed at which the #metoo campaign has taken off and toppled a fair few famous people off their perches too. I’m not commenting on that, but it does show the power of social media to create change. In that respect the advent of social media gives me hope. Continue reading “Positive Earth News – welcome to “Project Earth””

I’m zero-wasting my life! Why I’m getting a milkman

How sustainable is my life #2 – milk bottles

found this in the recycling

I awake at 2am to find myself sitting bolt upright in bed. The plastic bottles in which I get my milk might not be as eco-friendly as I had thought!

“How green are my milk bottles?” I think. “I’m going to have a closer look.”

The bottles are light, the plastic thin. Underneath is the marking “2 – HDPE”. So what’s HDPE? Continue reading “I’m zero-wasting my life! Why I’m getting a milkman”

9 reasons to be positive about the plastic crisis

I want to help you feel good about the environment.

First of all, let’s be honest. There is a plastic crisis. When you’re on an idyllic remote island no one even lives on and you can’t move for plastic rubbish. This is Henderson Island.


turtle tangled up in nylon fishing net

My second point: wild animals digesting plastic or getting tangled up in it. So we all agree there’s a crisis?

But … I also found it surprisingly easy to find good news about the plastic crisis.

So here’s the good news. Continue reading “9 reasons to be positive about the plastic crisis”

Electric cars – why the doomsayers were wrong

The Tesla Roadster. Did I covet one? Yes

Today I’m going to talk about two “bugbears” of environmental campaigners, plastic & motor cars.

1. Plastic
Beauty product retailer Lush take back their plastic gift vouchers and melt them down to make other goods.

They maybe only take a few pounds of plastic a year. But the point is, they are leading the way. In commercial terms it’s great PR. Get a few more to follow – maybe Marks & Spencer in the UK or Walmart – and you’ve got a worldwide movement. Change happens. Continue reading “Electric cars – why the doomsayers were wrong”