What is Zen eco-positivity?

Be Zen eco-positive!

To be part of the solution you must first connect with your inner greenie, your “Zen” eco-positivity.  


What do I mean by “eco-positivity”?

To solve a problem you must first believe it can be solved. It’s almost impossible to achieve anything while telling yourself you can’t do it. Did you learn to ride a bicycle as a child? Do you remember falling off it again and again, yet you got back on it and tried again? And then one day – bingo! You could ride a bicycle. 

The same applies to the environmental problems in our world. Everyone is going around worrying about global warming, pollution and other environmental issues. But how can we fix things if we’re tied up in a state of worry? It’s like telling ourselves there is nothing we can do. This tends to make us feel paralysed, we do nothing – and our own prophesy comes true.

The truth is, there’s a lot we can do about it! But we have to start somewhere. A little bit often, step by step. That’s the eco-positive way.


And Zen? Well Zen’s pretty hard to define. Let’s say it’s the peace that comes from being at one with life. In this case nature. Because it’s only by being in touch with nature that we can truly value it and want to protect it. 



Sir David Attenborough OM CH CVO CBE FRS FLS FZS FSA. Source: Wikipedia

You don’t protect what you don’t value, and you don’t value what you’ve never experienced – Sir David Attenborough