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Meet Goby, the plastic-collecting fish

Goby the Fish is a positive way to engage kids in keeping our beaches clean.

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The $62.5 billion e-waste opportunity

Electronic waste (“e-waste”) offers a multi-billion dollar business opportunity.

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Nine eco-friendly things you can do with your broken laptop

You might not realise it, but the whole world is transitioning to a zero-waste economy, when items like laptop computers will be made from responsibly managed parts and waste will be more or less eliminated. We’re not as far from that as people think. In future we probably won’t even own the laptops, just pay […]

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The two most zero-waste smartphones you can buy

In Search Of Zero Waste My mission: To find the zero waste economy This week: Smartphones There are two sorts of greenie: those who join co-operatives, buy all their produce at fair-trade markets and everything they own is bought second-hand, endlessly repaired or traded … … and there’s people like me, who do some of that […]