plastic packaging

What if I refuse plastic bags for my fruit & veg? 

April 22, 2018

No one’s noticed a million rolls of plastic bags in our supermarkets? And why I like Lidl Everyone knows about plastic straws, everyone knows about plastic bags, but no one seems to have noticed about a million large rolls of plastic bags the supermarkets want us to wrap our loose fruit and veggies in. I […]

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I’m zero-wasting my life! Why fruit & veg should go naked

July 30, 2017

How sustainable is my life #3 – veggie wrapping Veggies don’t need plastic either. Here our journey starts. This is what our purple sprouting broccoli and green beans came in, delivered by our local Tesco supermarket. Gasp! More plastic! Something must be done. I search for signs of recyclability, but there are none. Even if […]

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